Birthday Celebration

There are many times in life that it’s important to stop, smell the roses and be thankful for the time we have together. Unfortunately, many of us probably don’t do that as often as we should. Dad’s 87th birthday recently passed. For many years, we have typically gone out for dinner. This year was no exception and he picked a local Irish pub for his celebratory meal. When I picked him up at the Home he was totally on his game. He was bright, cheerful and expecting my arrival (I had called him earlier in the day about our plans).

When we arrived at the restaurant he asked that I read the entire menu. After deliberating several choices, he selected the ¼ pound hamburger with French fries. Cooked to perfection, he devoured the burger, fries and a ginger ale. With some gentle persuading (it usually doesn’t take much), he raised his eyebrows and delightfully ordered the homemade bread pudding. If there is anything that LBD hasn’t affected, it’s his appetite for good food! The waitress kindly served the pudding with 2 forks. Having just eaten an entire plate of bangers and mash, I felt guilty about eating dessert. Then I thought to myself, “We may not have a birthday next year, this could be it.” With that thought it mind, both of us enjoyed splitting the yummy pudding.

We rolled out of the pub that evening like 2 pigs pleasantly stuffed and satisfied. In looking back on all the years we have spent time together celebrating birthdays or otherwise, I never thought about it being the last time we might do something together. The days are so hit or miss with LBD. You just never know how one day will be to the next. I guess that’s why we should make the extra effort with whatever time we do have left. It was a great birthday!


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