Hospitalization – Round 2

Remember what I said about being a patient advocate and using common sense? Well, common sense told me that Dad hasn’t been making the progress in rehab that I was expecting him to. Four days after his transfer to the rehab facility he fell again. According to the staff, he stood up from his wheel chair and fell on the dining hall floor. He seemed ok and as luck would have it, I was driving down to see him when it happened. When I arrived he seemed a little grumpy, but otherwise fine. He said he was not in any discomfort or pain, so I didn’t think much about it. That was until I noticed he could not get up out of the wheel chair or stand up on his own during physical therapy sessions a few days later. He was also getting exceedingly short and ornery with the physical therapy staff. In fact yesterday he told one staff member to; “get the hell away!” Hmm, now that’s not Dad and my intuition told me something was up. I went to speak with the nurse manager.

“Do you think we could get an x-ray of Dad’s left leg? He’s normally pretty stoic, but he won’t bear any weight on his left leg and isn’t making much progress with physical therapy. I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have torn or broken something when he fell last Monday…” She indicated that it was indeed his left side that he fell on and agreed to get some x-rays ordered. Well you guessed it, the pictures revealed a cracked left femur – up at the top toward his pelvis. I feel so bad. He’s on his way (back) to the hospital now for an orthopedic consult. Since it’s nearly 8pm, I’m guessing we won’t know much more until tomorrow. It’s been nearly 10 days since the fall and it’s probably started to heal already, so I’m not sure what the recommendations will be. Guess it will depend on the exact location and type of fracture. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime I’m waiting to speak with the emergency room staff – same speech as always 🙂


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