Gettin’ Squirrelly

Not unlike many other times that happen while we’re out running errands together, Dad “saw” an animal from the car – this time is was a squirrel.  If you are familiar with LBD or know someone who has it, you are probably aware of the very vividly-real hallucinations that they frequently have.  Dad’s hallucinations typically involve small domestic animals, work crews and people on occasion.  There is one place on our usual course of travel that he often sees ‘situations’, such as a plane stuck up in a tree or a ship that has been stranded on land.  He can describe the scenes with great detail including colors, markings, etc..  It’s pretty wild.

Over the course of the last several years after having nearly strangled the two of us by our seat belts while inadvertently locking up the car brakes to avoid hitting something Dad thinks he sees, I have gotten accustomed to disregarding his sudden shout outs about “the puppy crossing the road” or other creatures who have been “previously doomed” by traffic.  So on this particular drive, I just ignored his ongoing play by play about this squirrel. 

“Jennifer look, it’s running so fast!  I can’t believe it!  It’s running on top of that wall right alongside the car.  It’s keeping up with us!”

Well I have to say after a few minutes of this, it did start to peak my curiosity.  We had been driving along a quarry surrounded by a large stone wall that runs down along the roadside, so that much he had right.  I just had to look over.  What I saw wasn’t exactly a squirrel however, but a long brown centipede-like bug stuck to the outside of the passenger door window.  Positioned in the just the right spot and with perfect proportion, from Dad’s viewing angle (and horrific eye sight thanks to macular degeneration) the bug was easily mistaken for a squirrel running along the top of the wall.  The faster we drove, the faster it seemingly ran! 

As we approached the next intersection Dad exclaimed; “Look, now it’s in the middle of the intersection!  Oh no little squirrel, don’t get hit!”  Sure enough, as I peered through his window the bug was still affixed to the glass giving Dad the illusion that his little friend was now in imminent danger.  Thankfully as we continued driving across the intersection, a bank of trees then lined the roadside so that the creature appeared to have safely made it into the woods – big sigh of relief!  Luckily that one had a happy ending. “Others” however, have not been so fortunate 🙂